Mission and Values

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to fulfill the two Greatest Commandments given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 22:36-40. We believe these commandments can best be expressed by this simple statement:


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Our Vision 

Our Vision is to be a church known for its unconditional love, its authentic worship of God, and its selfless and compassionate service to others. 

Our Vision is to be a church where lost and hurting people can find love, acceptance, forgiveness, and healing.

Our Vision is to be a Great Commission church that will make every possible effort to reach the lost for Jesus, to see them become members of a local church fellowship, and to develop them into spiritually mature disciples of Christ.

Our Vision is to be a church where people are encouraged to discover their spiritual gifts and equipped to use those gifts effectively in ministry. 

Our Vision is to be a loving fellowship of believers involved in small groups, serving and building relationships with one another, reaching the unchurched, sharing in ministry, discipled through the Bible, and worshiping God in our homes, church, and communities. 

Our Vision is to be a catalyst for the launching of at least one new church plant each year.

Our Vision is to be a church whose members are actively engaged in local, state, national, and international mission projects on every continent of the world. 

Our Vision is to send out hundreds of missionaries, pastors, evangelists, and church workers all around our nation and the world.

Our Vision is to empower and equip every member for their personal life mission in their home, workplace, neighborhood, or wherever God may open a door of opportunity and influence for them.

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Our Core Values

Every Person is valued and loved by God, therefore, every person is to be valued and loved by us.

Every Person deserves to hear the Gospel and have an opportunity to respond by faith to God’s offer of salvation, regardless of their past or present sins.

Every Believer needs a Biblical, moral compass to guide and protect them throughout their life. 

Every Believer has unique gifts and talents given by the Holy Spirit to be developed and used to strengthen the church and for ministry to others.

Every Believer has a purpose in advancing the mission of the church.

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Our Purpose

We exist to foster:

  1. Authentic Worship of God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
  2. Effective Evangelism of those who do not yet know Christ.
  3. Biblical Discipleship for the believers.
  4. Christian Fellowship within the local church.
  5. Selfless Service to others in order to demonstrate God’s love to the world.

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